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Keep up to date with instant win games, prizes, contests, cash and fun. These free games and promotions are provided by retailers and manufacturers to help promote their products. Instant Wins will be updated on a regular basis to keep you on the winning track. Win prizes everyday!


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INSTANT WINS puts all your favorite sites in one place. No names or passwords are needed to visit us. You can use any computer at anytime for the latest Instant Win games and sweepstakes online. We also have a variety of merchants on our shopping page where you can get discounts and save on shipping. Visit for name brand Contact Lenses. They offer the best prices online!


1) Play everyday that is allowed, consistently. Daily, weekly, monthly, per person, household, e-mail, UPC code, etc. Read the rules for frequency.
2) Be patient, it sometimes takes weeks to win something.There are prizes for every link and most are won every day.
3) Play a variety of games, some are easier to win. Make sure the prizes are something you want to win.
4) Enter your family members, if allowed, to get more chances. Make sure to check ages and restrictions.
5) Try entering at different times. Some wins happen when there are less people playing. Others are computer generated times.
6) Try to be the first to enter. Some take a certain amount of entries or callers then end.
7) Most Instant Wins will tell you immediatly if you win, so you don't have to wait to be notified.
8) Save your "cookies" on your computer, some sponsors count the visits. Others use them to remember you and your password.
9) On call-ins, use other phones if allowed. Work, home, cell, payphones.
10) Collect UPC's and other codes used to enter. Go to grocery stores, call friends and family to look in their pantry.
11) Write down your codes. Some Instant wins use the same codes over again while others use them only once. Some sites will even give you a code.
12) Use correct address. Some sponsors send confirmation to your e-mail and if picked use your address to send prizes. Check to see if it's a secure site if your unsure about the sponsor.
13) Carefully read and follow the official rules. Sometimes they can give you alternate ways to enter or ways to get a second chance. Some offer more entries for referrals.
14) Join other sweepstakes clubs to see what is out there and share codes, also to find out which ones they are winning.
15) To save time, open more than one window so you can play while waiting for the next game to load.
16) Use Roboform for faster entry. It remembers names and passwords for you and fills them in instantly. Some sites prohibit rapid entry methods, so check first. Visit for free download.

If you win a prize, keep in mind: Sponsors identify themselves by phone or letter. Most smaller prizes just show up in the mail. If it is a big prize, the sponsor will contact you. Get a name and phone number so you can call them back with any problems or questions. They generally send an affidavit to sign along with other requested info. This will give you time to verify everything. Send the paperwork back certified mail to claim your prize, or follow the sponsors directions. Never pay for shipping or other costs. A prize is something the sponsor wants you to have, so they generally take care of everything. Most often these things are spelled out in the official rules along with values of the prizes. You are responsible for paying the taxes. No matter how big or small the prize, be sure to thank the sponsors. They are the ones who make our hobby possible. In return, we are the ones who use their products. When you show your appreciation, they are more likely to have another promotion. We want to thank everyone for playing and invite your friends to join us at INSTANT WINS where you can win prizes instantly, everyday!

-REMEMBER- Never give out credit card numbers, bank accounts, social security numbers or other important information. Never give out personal information to anyone by phone or e-mail. Never pay for a prize or shipping, that should be a "red flag". A legitimate sponsor will pay for everything except taxes. Be safe and cautious when online.

Sponsors use sweepstakes and contests to help promote their products. Most of them are very large, well known companies. If you are unsure about something, check them out first. We do not use or sell your name or e-mail addresses. We merely give you the links to visit the sites yourself.

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